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Bayspro is from Cindrebay, an institute of longstanding reputation as the leader in design education in India. The primary mission of Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX is to provide a comprehensive and superior professional education in the study and practice of Animation and VFX.Bayspro offers rigorous, cutting-edge and market-driven degree/ diploma in Animation and VFX.Our core teaching philosophy of inspiring pride and love for craft among our students has created a unique and thriving design culture. Our dedicated teachers and mentors have consistently provided the design industry with excellent design graduates who are now well placed professionals in India and abroad. As a pioneering design institute in India, we have welcomed students from different and diverse contexts and backgrounds; this has enriched and enlivened our community by making it multicultural. Our curriculum and teaching methodology The curriculum of our degree and diploma programs has been developed by accomplished academics and design industry professionals to help our students to systematically explore communication design in all its aspects: Animation techniques, Film and motion graphics, Sound design, Photography, Print media, Web design, Graphic design, Typography, User interface design, Interactive design, Advertising and promotion design, Publication design - print and electronic, Packaging design. The curriculum is in tune with the teaching philosophy of experiential learning. We facilitate well-informed risk-taking and experimentation from a grounded position of subject knowledge and understanding. An experiential approach to learning ensures that the student is never a passive learner. At Bayspro, we promote a design culture of practice, experience, experiment • We champion the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and students are encouraged in innovative use of multiple media • An understanding of 'user experience' and context in design will be fostered among students • We recognise that design does not exist outside of culture. Therefore, we encourage our students to be keen observers of socio-cultural milieu. For example, a professional has to be differently conscious and sensitive if she/he has to design a product for an Indian company or a global company. • We push students to recognise the subjective meanings in their designs and innovations along with an ability to objectively present the same • We emphasise on the relationship between theory and practice • We commit to make innovations and hands-on methods of learning the hallmark of our teaching practice • We provide platform to showcase projects and get critical appraisals from industry experts Facilities: • Small class sizes allow for one-on-one discussions with instructors and lots of personal attention. Your classmates will comprise dedicated students who would inspire and encourage you to work hard • Faculty members are picked from among the best in academics and industry. You will find experienced instructors who are passionate about what they teach and a design community always ready to motivate you. • Throughout the coursework, you will have access to excellent technical resources and support, including well equipped computer studios and design studios so that you can familiarise yourself and master advanced digital technology for the purpose of communication design • Our lectures, demonstrations, field trips, workshops, seminars and interactions with industry experts will give you an opportunity to network with the very best of creative professionals • Internships in India or abroad, campus interviews and placement support We strive to instill in our students an appreciation of Indian and international aesthetics and storytelling traditions along with techniques, state of the art technological innovations, market demands and functionality in contemporary society. The core approach in communication design is to always ask three important questions: What, why and for who? You will be pushed to think out of the box and develop a critical understanding of your own work along with an independence that forces you to assess your work strictly.

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~Art is subjective. There’s no wrong or right method, workflow, or technique ~ 

Illustration by our student Vijil Venugopal 
Batch: BSc Animation and VFX 
Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX
~Art is subjective. There’s no wrong or right method, workflow, or technique ~ Illustration by our student Vijil Venugopal Batch: BSc Animation and VFX Bayspro Institute of Animation and VFX
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BSc ANIMATION AND VFX (BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY) INR 0 INR 0 Duration : 3 Years Eligibility : Pass in 12th grade/ PUC under 10+2+3 system with a minimum 50% aggregate marks Seats Available : 30 Seats Locations : Trivandrum, Calicut, Kannur, Bangalore, Nagpur In the past few years, the fields of 3D Animation and Visual Effects have exploded. With innovations and improved tools, the discipline of Animation and Visual Effects has surpassed other fields of design, making animators more sought after than ever. The current scenario decidedly marks this as the best time to learn Animation and VFX. Bayspro’s degree programme in Animation and Visual Effects is an immersive and rigorous process intensive course designed to create animation professionals with excellent technical and presentation skills. Our coursework has been developed with an understanding of the radically expanding role of the animator in the entertainment industry. Like several animation schools, Bayspro focusses on teaching the fundamentals of becoming a visual effects artist. But we set ourselves apart with our emphasis on the practical, career-making expertise that prepares students for a creative professional life after the course. Our teaching faculty is composed of visual artists with several years of experience and who are dedicated to prepare the next generation of Animators and Visual Effects Artists for an ever-growing and competitive industry. Subjects that are taught in depth are: • Modeling (characters and environments) • Texture painting • Look development • Lighting and rendering • Animation • Film and motion graphics • User interface design • Interactive design • Advertising and promotion design • Rigging • MEL and Python Scripting • Compositing • 3D Fx & 3D project • VFX project • Matte Painting • Character Design • Sound design • Photography Course Overview, Year 1 The primary objective of the first year is to focus on receiving a broad understanding of computer generated images both in 2D and 3D. Students will be introduced to features of Animation Storytelling - its History, Processes, Techniques and Applications. They will also take foundation studies in English composition and public speaking and to develop their Communication Skills along with a second language (French). An introduction to History of Indian, Western and Contemporary Art will be combined with Colour Theory and Practicals. One of the modules will be on the creation of digital and practical creatures with proper anatomy, plausible fantasy anatomy and good design aesthetic with digital image compositing. Course Overview, Year 2 The second year will delve deeper into 3D comprehension with the Art and Dynamics of Animation. Students will be introduced to 3D Maya Interface and Nurbs and Polygon Modeling. They will learn how to set up character rigs for animation, which will then be seen through proper CG Lighting Techniques and Rendering. This will be followed by a procedural approach to Texturing and Modeling. There will be an emphasis on presentation in order to create beautiful photo realistic imagery or stylised imagery. Students will also explore the creation of original characters by studying the process of character design and creation. Course Overview, Year 3 The third year develops the student into a professional-caliber 3D artist. This year concentrates on creating better storytellers both through Screenwriting an Storyboard and Animatic courses with a focus on Editing and Compositing, in which students learn traditional storyboarding as well as modern 3D animatic/pre-visualisation techniques. Students also learn how to create and control natural and fantastical dynamic FX inside of Maya such as fire, smoke, dust, particle effects, and volumetric fluid dynamics. Students also learn to put their own work into a larger cultural context. Projects: By this year, students will have experienced a broad range of 3D disciplines and will be ready to combine these skills in a final product. Students create their 3D Animation Thesis Project and and VFX project. Objectives of the course • To develop a basic design concept, visualisation and manipulation techniques • To develop an appreciation of function, aesthetics and technology in design • To develop basic design thinking and communication skills • To experience the process of realising design through making • To make activities and experience a basic process of design adapted to their abilities, interest and design context with human society, economics, politics and its socio-cultural context • To develop critical thinking and problem solving skills • To focus on the fundamentals of research, strategies, design, media selection, sales promotion and public relations As a certified designer, the student will have developed an in depth design understanding and will have access to professional opportunities across design platforms. The internships and placement support from our institute will further guarantee success in a design career and a creative life ahead. Teaching Methodolgy Each year, a comprehensive exploration of the subjects will be followed by examinations, assignments and evaluations. An interactive approach to teaching and a focus on learning and mastering animation techniques by experimentation will ensure that the student is capable of adapting to changing technologies. As an institute of outstanding reputation in design education, Cindrebay provides its students with professional facilities and equipment. While studying 3D animation and visual effects, students will get hands-on experience with the industry standard Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Motion Builder, and Nuke software as well as learn to use professional-grade equipment. By the end of the course, students will have learned how to prepare and polish professional materials such as a demo reel, which will be crucial to their introduction to the professional world of Animation. They will have developed an innovative body of work making use of the knowledge and expertise acquired through the years. They will be adequately supported with internships and placements from the institute. Career Opportunities Animation and VFX Graduates from Bayspro will have a number of career paths open to them depending on their specialisation and passion. Animator Storyboard Artist Visual Effects Artist Lighting Technician Title Designer Color Key Artist Render Wrangler Character Development Architectural Modeling Character Rigger Video Game Designer Junior Compositor Composing Artist Cartoonist Art Direction Layout Artist Key Animator Stop Motion Animator Texture Artist Mathematical Modeling False 1521966208
BSc VISUAL COMMUNICATION INR 0 INR 0 Duration : 3 Years Eligibility : Pass in 12th grade/ PUC under 10+2+3 system with a minimum 50% aggregate marks Seats Available: 30 Seats Location: Trivandrum, Calicut, Kannur, Bangalore, Nagpur The coursework for BSc in Visual Communication Design has been developed to enable our students to systematically explore communication design in all its aspects. Each semester includes core papers and electives and each of these subjects combine theory, practical/ studio work and value education to provide a holistic and creatively charged atmosphere. The semesters will have evaluations, examinations and assignments and students will be guided through each of these stages by dedicated and inspiring gurus. The key value of Bayspro’s degree curriculum is to build on the foundation and understanding of design as a discipline. Course Overview Introduction to communication Communication media Drawing and environmental studies Advertising Value education Audiography & audio production Photography Instrumental design Film studies Magazine layout design Web design Video editing and production Objectives of the course • To achieve proficiency in techniques of expressing an idea and translating a concept into creation • To understand the application of elements and principles of design • To use theory and method for presenting evocative and compelling stories • To develop an appreciation of function, aesthetics and technology in design • To evolve into a skilled and competent design and communication professionals of international standards • To inspire entrepreneurial ventures in your field of specialisation • To aspire to a voracious, curious and critical engagement with design • To look beyond classical representations, students are pushed to enhance their capacities for visual and graphic expression Learning by doing Projects, assignments, industrial attachments and internships are an intrinsic and significant part of our curriculum. In the final semester, students will work on a project in great detail and present their work for evaluation. Bayspro graduates of Communication Design will be designers who will be a part of the global communication design culture and the global design market/ industry Our teachers will foster an open-minded engagement with the presence and potential of culture to create new designs. Our graduates will have an awareness of the relationship between design and culture and market. Their strengths will include a multidisciplinary approach to design solutions and they will work on various design platforms with proficiency in cutting-edge technology. False 1521970418
DIPLOMA IN MULTIMEDIA AND VFX INR 0 INR 0 Duration : 18 Months Eligibility : 10+2 Above Seats Available : 20 Seats Location: Trivandrum, Calicut, Kannur, Bangalore, Nagpur At Bayspro, we recognise the power of visual storytelling and enable students to harness their creative energies, hone their talents, sharpen their design capabilities and master the art and techniques of communication design. Our Diploma course has been developed in line with market trends and we strive to help students to create design content that is Interactive, Authentic, Immersive, Impactful and Continuous. A rigorous and comprehensive programme, our Diploma in Multimedia and VFX is designed to immerse prospective visual effects artists in all aspects of the discipline and to provide a creative setting in which to challenge, inspire and perfect the talents of students. The coursework will introduce students to the fundamentals of various aspects of communication design, it will include core papers as well as electives and students will participate in workshops, seminars and practical/ studio work throughout the semesters. In addition to its top-notch curriculum and facilities, Bayspro is home to a distinguished and accomplished faculty of professional 3D animators and visual effects artists. Each faculty member possesses a unique skill set that helps to create well-rounded students who are comfortable with the numerous aspects of animation. In the Diploma programme, students follow an intensive curriculum and achieve multiple learning goals. The structure of this programme emulates the workflow of a professional production in the industry, which will provide students with the following: • Preparation for a competitive professional environment • Knowledge directly applicable in current work field using the latest software and technology • Practical skills developed for intensive discipline and practice • Ability to deliver a project from the beginning to the end in the manner used in actual professional production False 1521970965
PRO DESIGN INR 0 INR 0 Duration: 3 Months Course Overview Design Basics Colour Theory Typography Adobe Illustrator Logo Design Adobe Photoshop Layout and Composition Adobe InDesign True 1521981284
PRO MOTION INR 0 INR 0 Duration: 3 Months Course Overview Design Principles Adobe Photoshop Basics Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Basics Principles of Animation Motion Graphics True 1521981445
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